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Paint Protection Film

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TeckWrap Clear TPU Paint Protection film is advanced film designed to achieve long term protection of vehicle surface.

Technical specification

Protective film (μm) - 55
TPU film (μm)  - 185
Release film (μm) -  90
Glue adhesion (gf/inch)  - 525
Elongation % - 218
Breaking strength(kgf/inch) - 7.6
Chromaticity blackness (5pt) - 3.5
Flatness / Orange peel (5pt) - 3
Gloss (%,@60°) - 92.5
Anti-oil pen stain (Deli Marker pen, 5pt) -  5
Solvent resistance (Marker pen, 5pt)  -  3.5
Solvent resistant corrosion (DMF)  -  30
Resistance to scratching (5pt) - 4
Normal temperature scratch repair degree (1hr, 5pt)  -  4.5
Normal temperature scratch repair degree (24hr, 5pt)  -  4.5 (90%)
 Heating scratches completely repair ability (70℃, 5pt)  - 4.5

The adhesive has a viscous force of 222 gf/inch (at temperature of 24 ° C, and a humidity of 54%)

Physical properties

Size: 1.52m x 15m (59.8" x 590.6", 4.98ft x 49.2ft, 1.66yd x 16.4yd)

Storage temperature: +14C - +20C with 50% relative humidity

Shelf-life: 1 year from production date (save LOT number)

Application: on a wet surface

Warranty: 5 years from production date. The product is warranted to be free of defects in the material. In case of product defects communicated in mentioned period, TeckWrap will consider and determine the existence of the defect and further decide at its sole discretion, to either replace defective product without charge or compensate it with money in such amount, as TeckWrap deems reasonable.

Topcoating features: solvent and stain resistance, resistance to heavy metals, resistance to scratches, self-healing