About Teckwrap

TECKWRAP USA specializes in pressure sensitive adhesive coating thin plastic films and have pioneered our own process to produce high performance vinyl films and wraps for the automotive industry.

With our wide range of choice, superior quality, and competitive price, we are staying ahead our competition. Our products are mainly used in the automotive industry for Car Wrapping, Auto Decoration, and Paint Protection. Our products are available in rolls of different lengths from small pieces to full rolls.

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Chuck Heidenreich - President

Vision & Mission

TeckWrap began as a vision of Charles Heidenreich from Baltimore, Maryland, USA in 2012. Charles had an obsession with carbon fiber. He wanted to learn how colors were mixed, how textures were developed, and how the glue was made. Every detail was studied. After he did his research, he decided to get involved in the manufacturing process.
The large number of choices and fraudulent products coming from overseas has done a lot of harm to the carbon fiber name. Not long ago, consumers had two options: good quality at extremely high prices or poor quality at cheap prices. Ordering from overseas meant exaggerated promises of quality with disappointing results.
Charles was unhappy with the industry’s poor pricing, and he was determined to make it more affordable by offering the best prices in the market. He succeeded by establishing strong partnerships with reputable Christian manufacturers.
Today, TeckWrap offers the best possible quality at an affordable price. As a result, the TeckWrap brand is synonymous with quality and affordability. We are excited to offer endless possibilities in creating carbon fiber designs with all colors and textures.
Our slogan is “Feel the difference.” With TeckWrap, you can hold the material, smell it, stick it, peel it, stretch it, and see real colors and texture. Give us a try and feel the difference…!


TeckWrap participates in worldwide Auto exhibition and have received praise at such shows as: 
  • SEMA 
  • Automechanika (Dubai) 
  • Canton Fair