Paint Protection Film (High-grade TPU)

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SKU: PPF290-G75

TPU Paint Protection Film can protect your car from damages caused by stone chips, scratches, splatters, and any minor abrasions preventing the paint from fading and prolonging its lifespan. In the meantime, it brings a significant increase in brightness, turning it into an outstanding finish.

PPF290 is a high-performance aliphatic thermoplastic polyurethane film (TPU) that protects surfaces. Its characteristics of excellent mechanical properties, UV resistance, high transparency, and high gloss prevent vehicles from damage caused by stone chips and scratches.

PPF290 is developed from ESTANE®TPU, which The Lubrizol Corporation produces. Through a weathering test in a value equivalent to nine years, ESTANE®TPU remains excellent in its appearance and physical quality. This optical and aliphatic film is warranted in durability and performance.

1. Physical Properties of TPU Material

Hardness - 90 ShoreA (Test Method ASTM D2240)

Thickness (Gauge Total)  (Test Method GB/T 6672)

PPF290-G75: 320 um

PPF290-S75: 290 um

PPF290-S75+: 312 um

PPF290-M75: 270 um

PPF290-BLK: 318 um

PPF290-E65: 312 um

PPF290-E75: 332 um

Size: 1.52m x 15m (59.8" x 590.6", 4.98ft x 49.2ft, 1.66yd x 16.4yd)

Tensile Strength  (Test Method GB/T 17657)

PPF290-G75: 3335 psi

PPF290-S75: 4351 psi

PPF290-S75+: 2900 psi

PPF290-M75: 3045 psi

PPF290-BLK: 1740 - 2175 psi

PPF290-E65: 2320 psi

PPF290-E75: 2320 psi

Elongation at Break (Test Method ASTM D-882)

PPF290-G75: 300 %

PPF290-S75: 170 %

PPF290-S75+: 350 %

PPF290-M75: 280 %

PPF290-BLK: 118 %

PPF290-E65: 110 %

PPF290-E75: 110 %

Light Transmission (Test Method GB/T 2680)

PPF290-G75: 92 %

PPF290-S75: 90 %

PPF290-S75+: 90 %

PPF290-M75: 59 %

PPF290-BLK: 0 %

PPF290-E65: 88 %

PPF290-E75: 88 %

Gloss - 60° 82 (Test Method ASTM D1003)

UV Resistance - 95 %-98 % (Test Method GB/T 2680)

Maximum temperature: 100 °C-115 °C   GB/T 2423.1

Shelf-life: 1 year from production date (save LOT number)

Application: on a wet surface

Warranty: 4-6 years from production date. The product is warranted to be free of defects in the material. In case of product defects communicated in the mentioned period, TeckWrap will consider and determine the existence of the defect and further decide at its sole discretion to either replace the defective product without charge or compensate it with money in such amount, as TeckWrap deems reasonable.

* UVA bulb is used in QUV, with 50°C UV exposure and 4 hours of 60°C condensations.

2. Properties of Coating Material

The base material A is a curing PU solvent developed with thermal remediation technologies (TRT), showing excellent performance and is highly stain resistant. Signs marked with a marker pen can be easily wiped away.

Usage: Including but not limited to vehicle wrap and phone case protection film.

Top coating features: solvent and stain resistance, resistance to heavy metals, resistance to scratches, self-healing (TORAY)

Application: Thermoplastic polyurethanes.


Performance Index


Solid Content

Base Material A



Additives B



Additives C




TRT is activated to avoid tearing when slight damages caused by external forces occur. Highly durable with a flexible and stretchable structure.

Physical Properties


Method of Test




ISO 2409

Grade: 0-1

Oil Resistance

Wiping away marks created with a marker pen

No sign residual



Adhesion: Grade: 0-1,

No blistering, shedding, nor apparent color-changing of the coating membrane



Adhesion: Grade: 0-1,



3. Properties of Adhesive

Adhesive A is a pressure-sensitive polymer made of sone-part structural self-curing adhesive and acrylate, which will start curing at a proper temperature when the solvent volatilizes completely. It takes a week for it to become complete curing at room temperature. Adhesive A has superior cohesion with a plasticizer-resistant characteristic and excellent chemical properties, perfect for base materials like PVC or TPU.

Suitable Application

  • Sign
  • Decal and label
  • Composite film
  • Car paint protection film


  • Self-curing
  • One-part structural
  • Safe for direct application to coating
  • Superior cohesion
  • Plasticizer resistance
  • Repositionable technology
  • Soluble in ketone, ester, arene, and aliphatic.


Spliced rolls may be shipped from U.S. and overseas warehouses if full 59ft rolls are unavailable. An additional 2 yards of material is added to offset any potential loss in such cases. The product has an information sticker, and spliced rolls are marked with a sticky tab. All spliced rolls are authentic (of the same batch and color), defect-free, and adhere to strict quality standards.

How Much Wrap Do I Need?

Motorcycles 10-16 feet (3-5 meters)
Mini, small cars 42-45 feet (13-14 meters)
Convertible 49-52 feet (15-16 meters)
Coupe 55-59 feet (17-18 meters)
Sedan 55-59 feet (17-18 meters)
Hatchback 52-55 feet (16-17 meters)
Sports Car 52-55 feet (16-17 meters)
Station Wagon 59-65 feet (18-20 meters)
Sport-utility Vehicle (SUV) 55-63 feet (17-19 meters)
Minivan 65-80 feet (20-24 meters)
Pickup Truck 72-92 feet (22-28 meters)

Keep in mind that you may need extra material for repairs.
Therefore we recommend adding 6-9 feet (2-3 meters) to your measurements to avoid additional shipping expenses.

To achieve a perfect finish

  • We recommend using a tack reducer for flat panels.
  • Installation by at least two people/panel
  • Don't heat up to the line where the film is lifted to prevent adhesive lines.
  • Apply max 50 degrees of heat when stretching to prevent fading and marks.
  • Apply soap and water over the squeegee felt to avoid scratches.
  • Relax the film (heat and let it cool down) before applying it to a recess
  • Apply adhesive promoter on deep recesses
  • Post-heat a vinyl film to a recommended temperature